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Oct 30, 2020

In episode 12, I get to talk with Dan Rootenberg, CEO of Spear Physical Therapy with 20 locations in and around New York City.  

I had a great time talking with Dan, and learned a few very valuable things. Dan shares some deep lessons from his journey as an entrepreneur, along with some very interesting facts around his baseball journey. 

Learn how Dan manages to lead a successful company through challenging times, while staying involved in international baseball, coaching little league, and being a father of three. 

You will also learn about a couple of his favorite business books. Reboot gets a second recommendation from one of our guests. Dan says he has learned a great deal by implementing its advice and it helped him manage and lead through this time of crises. Atomic Habits also gets Dan’s thumbs up. Dan likes it for the clear and straightforward way it allows you to assess your habits and even change them in service to your goals.

It should be noted that Spear won the Practice of the Year Award from the APTA in 2016, and was acknowledged as Practice of the Year at this year’s Ascend Conference by WebPT. Dan is involved in PPS, the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. 

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dan.