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Apr 16, 2021

In this episode, I talk with Marko Gargenta.

Marko was originally a bootstrap entrepreneur who has now embraced investing and the world of fundraising to accelerate his business and learn more.

He sold his first company to Twitter (after turning them down twice) and discusses how he made that decision to become an employee after decades of entrepreneurship. 

He also shares insights he learned from his brief “retirement” upon leaving Twitter and how and why he decided he needed a new project to pursue.

For the past five years, he has been building Plus Plus, initially bootstrapping the company and then deciding after four years to raise a round of friends and family money. He shares the changes that came with that and how he went about testing and deciding to take this step. Plus Plus has just closed its first round of VC funding and Marko discusses the steps and decisions that led to his embracing of raising funds and joining forces with his current investors. 

I am sure you will enjoy Marko’s lessons and insights. I have a great time talking with Marko.

You can know more about Marko from the following sites:

LinkedIn -

Twitter -

Plus Plus -