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Nov 6, 2020

In episode 13 I talk with one of my business coaches, Bill Bishop. 

What a lively conversation! Bill is full of ideas and new ways of thinking and looking at things. He shares insights on where the world is going and how your business can adapt to the changes to thrive in the new economy. 

There is so much here, you are just going to have to listen. And you WILL NOT be disappointed! I am so confident that I guarantee your money back if you don’t get great value from this episode. (Yes. I know it’s free. But still, you will not be disappointed.)

Bill is the author of numerous books including How to Sell a Lobster, Beyond Basketballs, and his latest The New Factory Thinker. Bill also recommends The Second Machine Age by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee and explains why in the episode. 

This is one of the longer episodes I have done, but there is really so much here. Queue it up for your weekend trip or long commute. Bill is going to make you think!

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Bill.